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Professional engagement

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Curriculum Vitae - As of May 2018.



Teacher/professor/student advocate; Program/curriculum developer and manager; Speaker/workshop facilitator; Researcher; author; Public service/outreach coordinator. 


Professional engagement focuses:

- emerging technology, future trends

- program development and management

- teacher in-service, pre-service

- research and strategic planning

applying character education to digital living

working, living, learning, and playing in the Digital Age

   with a sense of humanity, inspiration and social


digital literacy, narrative, art, creativity

effective virtual, local and blended learning

applying story to curriculum, branding, storytelling,

   business development, organizational presentation


(1985 to present) 

Work history


Professor, Media Psychology PhD Program, Fielding Graduate University. Areas: Media Ethics Leadership, Digital Citizenship and Character, Digital Storytelling and New Media Narrative, Media Literacy, The Theory and Practice of Innovation, Research Fundamentals.

Professor Emeritus, Educational Technology and Virtual Learning. University of Alaska, 2010.

President's Professor of Educational Technology and Distance Learning. University of Alaska, 2003 to 2008. Distinguished professor in the area of digital literacy, narrative, citizenship.


Professor, Educational Technology. Program development & management, teaching, on-line and on-site course development, training, research, publication and speaking, 1996 to present.


Director, Educational Technology Program. University of Alaska Southeast, 1985-2003. Created Masters (1984) and endorsement (1987) in educational technology; online versions of both (1996).


Classroom activist, conducting numerous projects with teachers and students in the areas of digital storytelling, literacy and citizenship, 1985 to present.


Educator, program designer, developer and manager. Three decades of working with students, educators, parents, government officials, policy makers, community leaders integrating technology into education, community development, government, and business effectively, creatively, wisely, with a sense of fun and purpose.  

Musician, composer, writer (prose, fiction, theater), performance artist for thirty years.


See Keynotes for more info; read client testimonials.

The Conference on the Science of Innovation, Imagination and Storytelling 

Co-sponsored by the Stanford University Graduate Schools of Education; the Building Blocks of Cognition Lab at UC Berkeley, Lab of Educational Neuroscience at UCSF, Neuroscape at UCSF, the Center for Childhood Creativity and the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives

(San Francisco, 2018)

Fielding Winter Session - Artificial Intelligence in Education, Developing A Virtual Presence

(Santa Barbara, 2018)

APPA - Assoc. of Primary Principles Association

(Auckland, 2017)

ACER Leadership Conference

(San Jose, 2017)

NAMLE 2017

(Chicago, 2017)


ISTE 2017

(San Antonio, 2017)

Character Matters

(San Diego, 2017)

Screenagers Panel, via Skype

(Vestal NY, 2016)

Twitter Digital Citizenship Conference

(San Francisco, 2016)

Teacher's First - Effective Digital Storytelling

(Webinar, 2016)

2016 National Forum on Character Education

(Washington, D.C., 2016)

Arizona Technology Education Association 2016 Conference

(Prescott, 2016)

Florida International Character Partnership

(Webinar, 2016)


(Denver, 2016)

University of Iceland 

(Reykjavík, 2016)

Goldbelt Heritage Culture Camp

(Juneau, 2016)


Alaska Learning Network

(Juneau, September 2015)


Santa Fe School District, Teacher and Community Presentation

(Santa Fe, August 2015)


Ninth Annual State University of New York Teaching and Learning Conference

(Fredonia, August 2015)


De onderwijsdagen (Teaching Days)

(Rotterdam, November 2014)


Microsoft 2014 Connected Learning Conference

(Muskoka, October 2014)


Art Educators of Minnesota

(Rochester, October 2014)


Effective Schools Conference

(Manhattan, KS, September 2014)


St. Michaels, Digital citizenship Focus

(Santo Domingo, August 2014)


ISTE, spotlight - 5 Trends that Bend

(Atlanta, June 2014)


New Media Consortium

(Portland, May 2014)



(Cali, May 2014)


NAEA (National Art Educators Association) Conference 2014

(San Diego, March 2014)


AASSA (Association of American Schools in South America) 

(Sao Paulo, March 2014)


American School of Sao Paulo

(Sao Paulo, March 2014)


Rio International School

(Rio de Janeiro, March 2014)


MEIBA (Middle East Intl. Baccalaureate Association)

(Oman, March 2014)


Geary County, USD 475 Professional Development Conference

(Junction City, December 2013)


AdvancEd of Central America

(Atlanta, December 2013)


National Special Education Conference/NJ Prof Dev Conference

(Paramus, November 2013)


CUEBC (Computer Using Educators of British Columbia) -

(Vancouver, October 2013)


International School of Zug

(Zug, October 2013)


Leysin American School

(Leysin, October 2013)


International School of Geneva

(Geneva, October 2013)


I Love Teaching Conference

(Invercargill, New Zealand October 2013)


Mercy College

(Dobbs Ferry, September 2013)


ISTE 2013

(spotlight speaker, San Antonio, June 2013)


Perpich Performing Arts Center

(Minneapolis, 2013)


EdukaTIC 2013

(Cali, Columbia via Skype 2013)


INTASE Leadership Conference (International Association for Scholastic Excellence

(Singapore 2013)


The Shell Schools Leadership Training Days

(Berlin 2013)


MACE (Mid-America Association for Computers in Education

(Manhattan, KS 2013)


MEIBA (Middle East International Baccalaureate Association Conference

(Dubai 2013)


ASTE Augmented Reality Art Gallery

(Anchorage 2013)


Univ. of San Diego Spotlight Leadership Conference

(San Diego 2013)


European Council of International Schools Conference, spotlight speaker

(Nice, France 2012)


Tokyo International School

(Tokyo 2012)


ISTE Leadership Conference, Digital Citizenship team presentation

(Indianapolis 2012)


Leading in Literacy and Numeracy for First Nations, Métis and Inuit Students

(Edmonton 2012)



(Auckland 2012)


Expanded Learning Horizons (ELH)

(Lorne, Australia 2012)


Maine Adult Education Conference

(Waterville 2012)


ISTE Spotlight (Intl. Society for Technology in Education)

(San Diego 2012)


EARCOS (East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools) 2012

(Bangkok 2012)


Frankfurt International School

(Frankfurt 2012)


Munich International School

(Munich 2012)


European League of Middle Level Educators Conference

(Prague 2012)


University of Portland, School of Nursing

(Portland 2012)


Beijing International School

(Beijing 2011)


Alberta Teachers Association

(Edmonton 2011)


Kappa Delta Pi’s Biennial Convocation 2011

(Indianapolis 2011)


Reimagineering Our Catholic Schools

(Jasper Park, 2011)


CECA/CASL State Conference (Connecticut Educator's Computer Association/Connecticut Association for School Librarians)

(Hartford, 2011)


National Association of Pupil Services Administrators (NAPSA)

(Covington, 2011)


Building Ethical Communities- Character Education Partnership

(San Francisco, 2011)


Leadership Eleven- Building a Framework for Change

(Edmonton, 2011)


Oregon Association of Technology Educators

(Portland, 2011)


Edmonton School District- Professional Development Day

(Edmonton, 2011)


School Technology Association of Alberta Education

(Edmonton, 2011)


What Happened to the Revolution - ELH and SchoolTech Conference

(Lorne, Australia, 2011)


Fall For Education Conference

(Fairbanks, 2011)


ISTE (Intl. Society for Technology in Education), spotlight, 2011

(Philadelphia, 2011)


Worthington Summer Academy 2011

(Worthington, 2011)


Future Educators of Alaska 2011

(Juneau, 2011)


A Community Connected - Creating what we imagine

(Nanaimo, 2011)


Alaska State Administrators's Conference

(Juneau, 2011)


Virginia State Technology Education Conference

(Richmond, 2010)


Shanghai American School

(Shanghai, 2010)

Books, research

Article references in ResearchGate 


Click here to see citations



4Four Big Ideas for the Future: Understanding Our Innovative Selves

(Brinton Books 2016 - print, eBook, Kindle)

"Storytelling and Media: Narrative Models from Aristotle to Augmented Reality," in The Oxford Handbook of Media Psychology

(Co-authored with Dr. Jean-Pierre Isbouts 2012)

Digital Storytelling in the Classroom: New Media Pathways to Literacy, Learning and Creativity, 2nd Edition

(Corwin Press, 2013)


Digital Community, Digital Citizen

(Corwin Press, 2010)


Digital Storytelling in the Classroom: New Media Pathways to Literacy, Learning and Creativity

(Corwin Press, 2007)


Telling Your Story

(Brinton Books, 2005)


Then What? Everyone's Guide to Living, Learning and Having Fun in the Digital Age

(Brinton Books, 2001)


Future Courses: A Compendium of Thought about the Future of Education and Technology

(Editor and contributor, TECHNOS Press, 2000)

Taming the Beast: Choice and Control in the Electronic Jungle

(TECHNOS Press, 1999)

Classroom Spreadsheet Activities

(Alaska Dept. of Education, 1987)

Research, evaluation highlights

PhD Research Chair:

  • Impacts of the Quantified Self on Self-Narrative

  • Using Twitter to Generate Organic Group Narrative

  • Impact of Cognitive Awareness of Transportation Theory on Writing

  • Comparing and Contrasting Online vs. Face-to-face Methods on Executive Coaching

  • Impacts of Employee Use of an Enterprise Video-Sharing Application on Employee Engagement

  • Profound Engagement in Television’s New Era: A Methodological and Theoretical Analysis of Uses and Gratifications Theory Applied to Audience Experience

An Ethnographic Study of a Mobile Maker Space

(Sitka, 2016)

New Media in Alaska Studies

(Univ. of Alaska, 2012)


Broadband Technology Opportunities Program

(ADEC, 2012)


Alaska Learning Network (AKLN)

(Alaska EED, 2011)


Consortium for Digital Learning (CDL)

(AASB, 2009-2011)


WaveVII, Sitka School District



Attracting Minorities to Geosciences Through Involved Digital Story Telling (AMIDST)

(NSF, UAF 2008)


Standards Through Assessment and Technology (STAT)

(Alaska EED, 2008)


Stories of Culture and Place

(UA, 2006-2009)


Many hundreds of graduate student classroom, community, research projects

(1985 - present day)

Teaching, student research

(Photo: Miss Phelps, my favorite teacher, and I, 1959)


Course development, teaching, mentorship, selected highlights


PhD level


Doctoral Foundations- The essentials of research, writing and critical thinking at the doctoral level

Digital Storytelling and Theories of Narrative

Media Bootcamp- The Theory and practice of creating media-based narrative

Media Literacy, Concepts in Persuasion

Media Ethics Leadership


The Theory and Practice of Innovation

Dissertation Research, Chair

Master's Level


The Social Impacts of Technology


Digital Storytelling in the Classoom


Networking and Technology planning


Concepts and Practice in Online Learning 


Digital Ciizenship and the Ethics of Living a Digital Lifestyle


Integrating the Internet into Teaching and Learning


Teaching, Learning and Tool Software


Instructional Design and Multimedia


Undergraduate level


Media literacy


Senior capstone projects


The Social Impacts of Technology


Concepts in Online Learning


K-12 level


Many, many projects working directly with teachers and students in the areas of digital literacy, narrative, citizenship, storytelling.


Publications, projects

See articles, in English, Spanish, other languages


Cultural Leadership and Digital Storytelling

(Juneau, 2016)


The Augmented Reality Art Gallery

(Anchorage, February 2013)


The Uncommon Core
(Educational Leadership, February 2013)


La Educación del Carácter en la Era Digital
(Eduteka, May 2011)


Character Education for the Digital Age - Should we teach our kids to have two lives or one?
(Educational Leadership, 2011)


The Power and Peril of Web 3.0 - The Semantic Web Comes to Education
(Learning and Leading with Technology, (ISTE), 2010)


The Best of Educational Leadership 2008-2009
(Orchestrating the Media Collage, 2009)


New Media Literacies
(Academe, June 2009)


Literacy 2.0 - Orchestrating the Media Collage
(Educational Leadership, March 2009)


The Semantic Web in Education
(Educause, Fall 2008)


Peering Over the Leading Edge into a Pile of Digital Debris
(TechWit, Fall 2008)


Web 3.0 - The Semantic Web Cometh
(subTechst, Fall 2008)


Confessions of a Digital Storytelling Teacher
(School Arts Magazine, August 2008)


Narraciones digitales
(El Educador, July 2008)


Digital Literacy Assessment
(Alaska EED, June 2008)


Univ. of Alaska Geography Program Geoportal Project
(Project director)


NSF Project: AMIDST (Attracting Minorities to Geosciences Through Involved Digital Storytelling)
(Co-principal investigator, NSF, 2007-09)


The Next Great Thing: Being your own favorite philosopher
(Computer Education Journal, 2008)


Web 2.1 - From Text to Art in Everyday Communication
(Computer Education Journal, 2007)


Art, Story and the Digital Economy
(School Arts Magazine, 2007)


Guest editorialist, "Computer Education" Journal
(NAACE, United Kingdom, 2006-2008)


Traditional Storytelling Goes Green
(National Storytelling Magazine, January 2007)


Digital Storytelling Web Resource - in five parts


World of Digital Storytelling
(Educational Leadership, December 05-January 06)


Teaching Digital Storytelling at a Distance
(Alaska Writing Consortium, 2006)


Becoming a De"tech"tive - Understanding ISTE's Standard VI About the Ethical and Social Aspects of Technology
(Apple Professional Development Learning Module, 2006)


Making Digital Storytelling Work in Education
(Apple Professional Development, 2006)


Stories of Culture and Place
(Combining oral, digital and written storytelling.)


The Linguistics of GarageBand
(Apple Professional Development, 2005)


Distance Education at UAS - A Case Study
(Journal of Distance Education, Volume 20, Issue 1, Spring 2005; co-authored with Lynne Schrum)


"Who's Afraid of Distance Education."
(Chapter from Online Learning: Personal Reflections on the Transformation of Education, Educational Technology Publications, 2004. Edited by Greg Kearsley.)


Increasing statewide services from the University of Alaska
(Research project conducted jointly with WCET, 2006)


A Case Study of Distance Education, University of Alaska Southeast
(Co-principal Investigator with Dr. Lynne Schrum, 2002 - 2003)


Arte: La Cuarta Competencia Basica En Esta Era Digital
(EDUTEKA, 2003)


Voice to Text Technology- Transforming Education
(Technology and Learning, November 2002)


Virtual Learning
(Technology and Learning, Volume 22, No. 4, November 2001)


The Problem With Our Gods
(TECHNOS Quarterly, Volume 10, No. 3, Fall 2001)


A Buyer's Market: Education in the New Economy
(The State Education Standard, Volume 2, No. 1, Spring 2001. Published by NASBE (The National Association of School

Boards of Education)


Education Standards as Passing Fad
(Education Digest, March 2001)


Art: The Fourth R
(Instructor Magazine. Scholastic, January/February 2001)


A Matter of Degree
(TECHNOS Quarterly, Winter 2000)


Taming the Technological Beast: The Case of the E-Book
(The Futurist, January-February 2001)


Art Becomes the Fourth R
(Education Leadership Magazine, October, 2000)


Taking the Future Back from Technology
(The Education Digest Volume 65, No. 5. Published 2000)


Primer on Taming the Beast: Using Technology Effectively, Creatively, Wisely
(The Independent School Journal, Winter 2000, Vol. 59. No. 2)


Schooling and Culture in an Age of Distance Education
(Proceedings of "Atuarfitsialak: Schooling and Learning for All" conference in Greenland)


A Primer on Taming the Beast
(Technos, Vol. 8, No. 3, 1999)


Taming the Beast: Why Technology Evokes Anxiety
(AFT ON CAMPUS, Vol. 19, No. 4, 1999)


The Promise of MIDI Technology
(Learning and Leading With Technology, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), March 1998)


Why Art Needs To Become a Foundation for Literacy in a World of Multimedia
(Communication Arts, March/April, 1998)


The Online Chronicle--A Ten Year Perspective
(Online Chronicle of Distance Education and Communication, Fall 1997)


The Four Rs: Preparing Kids for the World of Work in the Age of Multimedia
(ArtsEdNet, Fall 1996, Getty Education Institute for the Arts)


The 4 Rs -- Making Art the Next Literacy in the Multimedia Age


Awards, citations, professional service

Applied Research Linguistics Journal

International Advisory Board (2017)

ISTE's Making IT Happen award


Co-founder, ISTE's Digital Citizenship PLN



Member, Institute of Digital Media and Child Development



Alaska Society for Technology in Education Lifetime Achievement Award


The Best of Educational Leadership 2008-2009
(Selected work, ASCD)


Full Sail University, Education and Media Design & Technology Program
(Advisory board, 2009 to present)


WCET Outstanding Work (WOW) Award, for Stories of Culture and Place

(WCET 2008)


Cable in the Classroom Excellence in Education Award
(Finalist, for Stories of Culture and Place, 2008)


Special Contribution Award, International Visual Literacy Association
(For Art the 4th R, 2006)


President's Professor, Educational Technology
(University of Alaska, 2003-2008)


Apple Distinguished Educator
(Apple Computer, 2004)


Distinguished Career Citation, State of Alaska
(Alaska Legislature, 2003)


Elam Lecturer
(Association of Education Publishers, 2000)


Advisory Board Technology and Learning Magazine


Infosavvy21 Group
(Member since 2001)


Executive Board, Alaska Society for Technology in Education
(Member, 1990-1996)


Associate Editor, Journal of Online Learning
(International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), 1990-1999)


Outstanding Contribution To Juneau Students
(Juneau School District, 1994)


President's Award
(Alaska Association for Technology in Education, 1992)


Associate editor, The Journal of Research on Computing in Education
(Published by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), 1988-1992)


Music, theater, fiction

Go to music, fiction, original works.


Computer-based music and sound, from neo-classical music to avante garde soundscapes. Combined with acoustic and electric guitar. Pieces have been sold for use with TV, radio, and theater, and/or been performed live or electronically. 


Also available: plays, novels, poetry, stories, published and unpublished, some for sale, others used in storytelling workshops and for classroom purposees.


For a more complete listing of work, go to Music, theater, ringtones, fiction.


Looking for the Ring Tone Repository? Go here. Ringtones are free, original, downloadable.

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