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  17. Robot family. Licensed from Shutterstock; copyright- Sarah Holmlund. 

  18. Pepper the Robot. Difficult to trace; it appears a number of places without any clear source, and no clear photographer credit. “Pepper” is a product of SoftBank Robotics ( Also retrieved:


Fourth R Slide compositie in iPad Landing Page- old

  1. Clipart. Main girl, with pencil. Have had this image for many, many years, and obstained with permission. Records not available.

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Fourth R Slide compositie in iPad Landing Page- new


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  4. Clipart. Girl with chalkboard. Used through paid subscription.

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Big Ideas page slide show on Big Ideas Depot page


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  5. Voices of Petersburg. Photo and collage by Emily Wray.

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  7. Augmented Reality Art. Photo by Terri Ohler, featured Cara Heitz

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  10. The Art of the Story. Photo by: ?.

  11. Then What? Cover by Jerry Smith.

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  16. Innovation Game. Photo credit (copyright): Helen Petts
    Aleks Kolkowski recordist, Aaron Williamson voice ('The Feral Busker').
    This is an original Edison 'Fireside' phonograph c. 1909. for playing and recording wax cylinders. The horn is an original c. 1905 phonograph recording horn that came from an early sound studio in Norwich. It's approx. 6.5 feet in length. The blank wax cylinders are newly manufactured by Paul Morris in Exeter.

  17. New Media, New Students., through a paid subscription.

  18. Young women huddled around old time radio. 




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