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 Essential elements of Jason's thinking, most in two minutes or less...

The Importance of Story

Why story is so important in helping us manage a world of information, and why students need to need to own their stories so that they can create the lives and futures they want.

From Brainwaves series.

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Digital Citizenship - The Focus

Why digital citizenship is one of the most important advancements in the development of truly educated students. 

From Brainwaves series.


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Creatical thinking

Critical thinking + Creative thinking = Creatical thinking. 

From Brainwaves series.

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The Future of Digital Citizenship - Presentation at Twitter Headquarters

A TED type talk at Twitter Headquarters, given to the digital citizenship leadership community.


From Twitter conference.

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Technology Connects and Disconnects - The Story of the Microwave Oven

Every technology connects us to one opportunity, and disconnects from another. We want our students to see this clearly so they understand the price they pay to live a technological lifestyle.


From ULearn conference, Auckland.

(1 minute, 46 seconds)

The Media Collage - The New Foundational Literacy Landscape

We have gone from words and numbers to an ever-expanding "media collage" as our foundational literacy. As media evolves, so does our definition of literacy.


From New Media Consortium conference, Portland.

(1 minute, 33 seconds)

What's Your Relationship with the Future?

How we structure our lives, and plan for what's next, depends entirely on what kind of relationship we have with the future.


From ISTE, San Antonio.

(56 seconds)

McLuhan, Tools and Curriculum

The medium is the message - or the massage, as McLuhan preferred in later life - explains why we will never separate our tools from curriculum.


From ISTE, 2013.

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Living in the Matrix

The Matrix is no longer just a movie. It is the new normal.


From New Media Consortium conference, Portland.

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Screasels - Where Everyone Paints These days

The new media tools allow us to do something that has opened artistic creation for everyone: we can erase.


From ULearn conference, Auckland.

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Art the 4th R

Art is the foundational literacy behind multimedia, transmedia and simply interacting in our new communication landscape. Unfortunately, the Common Core does not get this.


From ULearn conference, Auckland.

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Attitude is the aptitude

Life is moving so quickly that "learning and relearning" is the order of the day. How much you truly enjoy relearning in large part determines your intelligence.


From ULearn conference, Auckland.

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Branding BYOD ON/OFF

BYOD is here and is destined to expand beyond what we carry to embrace what we wear, implant and simply imagine. Let's use this simple management technique to keep it human: Brand BYOD On/Off.


From ISTE, San Antonio.

(34 seconds)

The Augemented Reality ARt Gallery

ARt (note the capital AR) mixes art in RL (real life) and art in VR (virtual reality) to produce a new art form. This snippet comes from a K-12 art gallery project at the Alaska Society for Technology in Education conference, 2014.

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Reinventing Education from the Fredonia conference.