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Radio Commentary

Jason has appeared on a number of radio stations as a special commentator for issues related to people and technology. Commentaries are sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always original. Radio programs he has appeared on include:

WTMJ, Milwaukee WI - Dan O’Donnell - 50,000 Watts, High Arbitron


WZTK-FM, Greensboro NC - Allan Handelman - 100,000 Watts, High Arbitron, Heavy Hundred Talk Show Host


WBAP Morning News Dallas TX - Brian Estridge - 50,000 Watts, High Arbitron


KSTE, Sacramento CA - Armstrong & Getty - High Arbitron, Heavy Hundred Talk Show Hosts


Viewpoints - Pat Reuter - Nationally Syndicated to 355 Stations


WLW, Cincinnati OH - Sloanie & Tracy - 50,000 Watts, High Arbitron Clear Channel Radio Network


KDKA, Pittsburgh PA - Larry & John, - 50,000 Watts, High Arbitron, CBS Radio


KQRS-FM, Minneapolis MN - Tom Barnard - 100,000 Watts, High Arbitron - #1 Rated Radio Show In Market


Something You Should Know - Mike Carruthers - Nationally syndicated, 150 stations


KFBK, Sacramento CA - Amy Lewis & Ed Crane - 50,000 Watts, High Arbitron


WDUN, Atlanta GA - George and BJ


Morning Air - Sean Herriott - Nationally Syndicated to 36 Stations - Relevant Radio Network


Richard Stevens Show - Nationally Syndicated to 100 Stations - Citadel Communications


Frankie Boyer Show - Business Talk Radio Network - Nationally syndicated 20 stations


KFBK, Sacramento CA - Kitty O'Neal - #1 News Station, 50,000 Watts, High Arbitron


KOA, Denver CO - Robbyn Hart Show - #1 News Station, 50,000 Watts, High Arbitron


WFSH FM, Atlanta, GA - Kevin & Taylor Show - 100,000 Watts


Kim Iverson Show - Your time - National syndicated lifestyle show


KOMO, Seattle WA - Herb Weisbaum Show - Top News Station 50,000 Watts High Arbitron


Leslie Marshall Show - Nationally Syndicated, Heavy Hundred Host


Bev Smith Show- Nationally Syndicated on American Urban Radio Network n- Heavy Hundred Talk Show Host


Commentary topics include:


Japanese Researchers Invent 'French Kissing Machine'


Kohler's $6,400 Numi High Tech Toilet


Tech distractions for workers add up


World Health Organization: Cell phone use can increase possible cancer risk


Facebook-Loving Couple Names Baby "Like"


Weiner Gate


Supreme Court rejects California's ban on sale of video games to those under 18

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