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UAS Masters, Certificate and Endorsement in EdTech, 2017

Master Five Year Sequence, with teaching assignments, 2017-2022

Standards, Conceptual Framework

Course syllabi, with standards and Conceptual Framework mapping

Note: Master's degree requires students first take a short course: CE: Preparations for Teaching Education Programs


EDET S628  - Technology in Instructional Design

EDET S636  -  Impact of Technology on Student Learning 

EDET S637  -  Differentiating Instruction Through Tech

EDET S668  -  Educational Tech Leadership

EDET S673  -  Ethics in Educ Tech 

EDET S674  -  Virtual Teaching and Learning

EDET S677  -  Mechanical Applications of Tech 

EDET S678  -  Emerging Technologies 

EDET S679  -  Gamification and Open Education 

EDET S698  -  Master's Research Project or Portfolio  (no link yet)

EDET S694  -  Practicum or elective  


ED 593          -   Prof. Development (just endorsement)  (no link yet)


Recommended electives for Master's Degree

ED 626 - Qualitative Research (UAS)


ED 601 - Intro. to Applied Social Sci Research (Fairbanks distance offering)


ED 603 - Field Study Research Methods (Fairbanks distance offering)



Other courses in EdTech that are not part of the three main graduate level EdTech degrees:

ED 230  - Introduction to Educational Technology

EDET 693  - Art, Media , Technology - Just MAT


Accreditation Reports, Applications

ISTE Professional Association Certification, 2009

- 2009 Application

- 2009 ISTE response

- 2009 ISTE Final Report

Note: Certification is up August 2018!


NCATE INSTITUTIONAL REPORT - October 15 – 19, 2011


  1. Facebook Community: Virtual, Digital, New Media Learning at UAS's School of Education

  2. CAEP - Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation

  3. CAEP/AIMS - CAEP Accreditation Information Management System (requires sign in)

  4. ISTE/CAEP -  Professional Society/CAEP collaboration

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