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A beautiful sunset view from our Juneau, AK living room window

Goodbye Jason

December 21, 1952 -  March 29, 2022
Arizona sunset- 20150117_175410.jpg
A beautiful sunset view from our Prescott Valley, AZ backyard

We who loved Jason have added a new  opening page to his website, one that captures the joy and love of two celebrations of his life: at the  University of Alaska Southeast in his long time Alaska home, Juneau, in June of 2022; and in his  hometown of East Aurora, N.Y., in July. We hope you will also find the other items that we have  included helpful and enjoyable.

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A hearty hello to all of the world's digital citizens.

I apologize for my absence. The reality is I've experienced numerous medical challenges during the past seven years. Yet, I wake up every morning curious, inspired, and hopeful about the world and doing what I can to improve the lives of people from all walks of life.

I still receive many offers to speak to and consult with groups. What I can offer these days is the wisdom I have gleaned from forty years of experience focused on: 1) the current state and future of technology as it impacts or will impact education, organizations, and society, 2) digital citizenship, and 3) storytelling (digital and traditional) for students, teachers, schools and organizations. I help people change their lives by 'finding their stories' and help organizations (Non and For-profit) use story to improve communication and achieve their goals.  


I do webinars only, usually for no more than 90 minutes per session. Interested? I'd love to hear from you.


My best to you and yours for the important work you do during such challenging times.


Jason Ohler

the future is just getting started

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